Factors affecting sales of various products:

The factors affecting the sales are based on the various market rating people thinking and there equal market co-ordinate competitors. The sales of the product are very badly depending on the process of market situation. Because there some product which sales are very high on there some seasons and quite low on the other seasons.

During winter season the sales of the sweater leather jacket and other products are quite high when you compare it with the summer season. No shops will be selling those products because the products sales depend on their natural calamity this is one of the factors. So, like this there are various factors affecting product sales.

Then other factor is Value or price of the product is getting increased or it will be getting decreased. If the value or price of the product is getting increased then there won’t be no more competitors will give their product at that rate so they will lend them there product at very cheap price, so the product sales gets affected.

When there is reduction of price then there won’t be any sales because people may think that there will be quality of the product is quite low or they may think that quantity of the product is get reduced like that. The other factor is the process of introducing product without customer expectation. When the people may get tensed of the product and they ate them as they introduce any product from that company.

The company should always take the survey among the people and get there opinion to introduce a new product. For example, the magi noodles are very cheap and very tasty but the peoples mind asking the questions like is it healthy or not. So, the Horlicks branded product introduces the Foodless, because as a brand name to always release a healthy product.